Monday, June 15, 2009

A year has gone by....

"Kitchen Utensils" 5x7 Giclee on Premium Watercolor Paper

... since I established this silly blog and I have yet to add any content. I decided that it's time to get with the program a POST SOMETHING!!! So here is my first official post and hopefully the beginning of a daily (ok let's get real) or bi-weekly contribution to my bla bla blog! I welcome any and all comments, but please be gentle, as I am quite fragile!

So, I will begin with this group of 5 x 7 giclee prints that I put out a few months ago. They are quite popular, especially here in Baton Rouge! I offer the design in four colors to compliment any kitchen decor! The original image is from an old cookbook from the early 1950's. (I sound like a frickin' commercial)! They are available at

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