Monday, June 22, 2009

I love Garage Sales!

"Red Head" by Kerry Beary
2x3" Gouache on Illustration Board
I love yard sales! I get up early every day... but I try to get up a bit earlier on the weekends to catch the worm! I have been buying other peoples crap for years... and I always find the most amazing things. Especially at the estates or sales held by the family of the deceased! They can't wait to get rid of their parents stuff and make BANK! I will show off many of my fabulous finds here on my blog, but you also see many of my recent aquisitions on my FLICKR -
These little paintings were inspired by a recent find. I stumbled upon a box of old plaster and gesso frames for 25 cents a piece. My brother (who rocks) gave me an awesome set of Holbein Goauche for Christmas and I am finally getting around to playing with them!
"Three Little Blue Birdleys"
by Kerry Beary Gouache on Paper
Please share your fabulous finds with your comments! I love to see what others have found out there!

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Amy Perrotti said...

Great find! These would be excellent for decorating doll houses! I have a painting I bought when I was a tot that is about this size that we have hanging in my daughter's dollhouse above the fireplace. :)